If you are missing celebrating your little victories you might feel compelled to keep pushing yourself.

When something isn’t working normally my go-to response is to push through and make it happen.

That was what I did…

Until I burned out this past June and I couldn’t push myself to get anything done.

I was completely spent so that focusing on a project for 15-minutes before taking a break was an accomplishment.

Where I Built A Habit of Pushing Myself

Up until that point though, I had been very successful at pushing through.

I did it successfully in high school, college, and in my self-employed business.

As a high-achiever, I expected to be able to always get it done, regardless of obstacles.

Through the years I built a really strong habit of pushing myself, regardless of how I felt about something.

And now it appears that I no longer have that skill.

Where I Am At Now

I have a project that I wanted to launch this month.

And I worked on it all month-long.

As I sit here, it still isn’t done.

Here is what I have tried:

  • I’ve tried creating agendas around it
  • Making a verbal commitment to my partner to get it done
  • Making a verbal commitment to a friend
  • Verbally stating my fears
  • Working on it when I feel inspired
  • Reviewing the learning tool several times and listening to it twice to make sure I am hearing everything
  • Forcing myself to sit down and get it done no matter what
  • Blocking off time to get it done

And it still isn’t done.

What Is Going On?

The honest truth is that I am okay with keeping my fears, breaking my commitments, and letting this silly project stand in my way.

For the last 3 weeks.

And a portion of me is scared about the project not working.

And I’m scared of it working too well.

In the end, I am not as committed to it as I thought I was, at the beginning of the month.

How is This Showing Up For Me?

While I have been working on this project, I have also been showing physical signs of being really stressed.

Since I’ve significantly reduced my workload I can only assume that I am stressing myself out over this project.

And my stress is coming from not having it done.

What Can I Do About It?

What sucks is that this is a big project and the next phase of growing my business online.

At some point, I will either have to do it or I will have to choose a different conversion model.

So I can ignore the stress my body is manifesting and push through.

I’ve tried that and it hasn’t worked.

Or I can choose to do something different.

Something that is unusual for me.

I can choose to walk away from the project for a while.

Even though it is the logical next step and I know that I need to go there.

And I realize that right now it is not the best thing for me to be pushing myself.

And this is huge for me.

To consider myself before a project for my business, or befor a client is not my normal habit.

Why Walking Away Is the Best Choice

At the moment I can’t see all of the amazing things that I have accomplished to get to this point in the project.

I have a really big vision and at the moment I can’t seem to focus on any of my wins unless the project is done.

This means that I am not celebrating that I:

  • created a model,
  • outlined a course,
  • built ⅔ of a presentation,
  • researched how to put it together,
  • and created a template to use to make sure it flows together

I’ve also done research, gotten feedback, created ads, and built a lead magnet.

But in the process of this project, I’ve gotten to the point where nothing but completion is okay to celebrate.

I’m missing all the little victories I’ve had up to this point.

That is why I am choosing to walk away from this project for a while.

The Importance of Little Victories

One key way to stay out of burnout is to acknowledge your little victories as you have them.

Celebrating each step helps you acknowledge that you are making progress and helps you be grateful for the work you have done.

This acknowledgment helps combat that cynical feeling you get about a project when you are burning out.

For me, I felt jaded that none of my ideas would actually work.

Not the thoughts you want to have while you are trying to do a new project.

And the more I pushed myself, the more jaded I felt.

The Big Picture: Staying Out of Burnout

So I have decided to walk away from the project and wait until I have the energy to work on it again.

When I do look back and see all that I have done I realize that I have done enough for now.

Instead of forcing myself to push through, and missing the accomplishments I’ve already had, I’m going to take some time and celebrate what I’ve already done.

Ready to See A Change In Your Life?

Below I’ve put together a way for you to evaluate how you are showing up in your life.

The first step is the “30-minute Challenge” that was created specifically for you after reading this blog post. The challenge will give you a specific action or idea to journal on to help you start to see a change in your life.

Try the challenge and see how you feel when you are doing it. This is very important to help you start to shift out of old patterns of thought and action.

Then you can use the “Coach Yourself” questions to help you work through things that might be showing up for you. And identify how you want to show up in the future.

Step 1: 30-Minute Challenge

Take a few minutes to sit and think about or journal on the questions below:

Where are you pushing yourself to do something and missing all the small steps you’ve accomplished up to this point?

Exercise: Look back on a current project that you have and just list out every accomplishment you have had that has gotten you to this point in the project.

Challenge yourself to find one small victory each day this week and celebrate it.

Step 2: Coach Yourself

How did it feel to see your accomplishments?

Are there other places in your life where you are pushing yourself?

What are they?

What is one thing you can do to acknowledge your little victories starting today?

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