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What is Intuition Coaching?

Intuition Coaching Helps You Learn to Listen to Yourself

Hi, my name is Nikole and my definition of Intuition Coaching is learning to make decisions by listening to what your heart wants regardless of what your brain says or what your fears may be.  I interpret listening to your heart as your intuition.  

When I have chosen to listen to my heart or intuition I have found joy, felt satisfaction, and had higher energy.  This has allowed me to be open to opportunity, create finance, and accomplish the goals I’ve committed to.  

As your coach my goal is to help you create an environment that allows you to continue to grow in your intuition.

The Principles of Intuition Coaching Are Simple

Simple Habits

Find Balance

Put Yourself First

When you are able to build simple habits, you can find the balance between your personal and professional life and you can finally find time to put yourself first so that you will experience increased energy, restored creativity, and you will be able to listen to yourself. These steps will help you work through burnout, learn to love what you do, and empower you to grow so that you bring more passion, meaning, and confidence into your life.

are you experiencing burnout

Are you experiencing burnout? Take this 5-minute quiz to find out if burnout is showing up in your business and personal life. This gives you the opportunity to identify your options and get support to prevent or beat burnout.

Take the 5-Minute Quiz

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"Thank you! I appreciate all of the information you provided during your class, including sharing personal stories. It certainly helps captivate the audience. I also appreciated hearing other stories as well, it helps bring all of the information together."
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